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Wild Camping in France




Just one of our wild camps in France Just one of our wild camps in France

As we prepared for our journey to Europe we read various articles in camping magazines and listened to other Brits that have travelled through France to get to Spain. My initial thoughts were, this is going to be scary. Make sure you sleep in the van with the security alarm on, lock all the doors, hide your passports and your money in obscure places, keep plugs in the sinks so you don’t get gassed ?. What, I think is all this about?. But I now understand this could possibly be referring to the ‘Aires’ on the motorways through France, or as we know them – service station car parks.

Not sure why anyone would want to park in service station ‘Aires’ to save a few Euro’s when there are perfectly good sites for camper van’s to park for free or virtually nothing in some cases we have seen.
Although caravan tourists may have a problem travelling through France, it seems that most major towns and some villages cater specifically for ‘Campervan, and the ‘Aires de Campervan’ are provided just for our use. But why don t we as Brits know about these places, why are they not mentioned in the campsite guides. I think the answer is two fold. Firstly campsites in France want revenue to survive, even when they are closed they charge 15 Euro’s for you to park with no amenities. Secondly, the 5 or 6 Aires we have stayed on have been in beauty spots, stunning views over lakes, river and mountains, and the sea. Why would they want us Brits to spoil the view, stick them in campsites far away so they cannot enjoy it.
So words of advice. Aires de camping car are the way to camp wild in France, some provide Electric, water, toilets, some provide nothing. Enjoy wild camping in France, we have.

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