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We Need to Lose Some Weight…




Maybe I was wrong to be concerned about our weight, but it was a problem that has been worrying me over the past few weeks or so. Not mine I hasten to add, I haven’t got one, but the Motorhome’s weight issue. I had been reading a number of articles concerning a crackdown that both the UK and French police were having on overweight Motorhomes. Knowing that with a full tank of water, which equated to 100Kgs and some waste water the van wallowed as well as the best of Hippo’s, I guessed we were at time overweight. So whilst in Chatteris I found a public weighbridge, so we could do some calculations. I therefore decided before we left for the continent to fully empty the fresh and waste water tanks as well as the hot water tank and toilet. Now down to the bare minimum weight apart from our belongings I filled the Motorhome fuel tank to the top with Diesel. So with me at the wheel the total weight came in at 3340 Kilos less the wife who is at around 50Kgs. So I guess I was correct and that we were at the maximum permissible, because although this is a 3500Kgs category Motorhome the spec in the book advises we should be no more than 3400kgs. Fortunately axle weights were just in as well…sigh.
This being the case we obviously need to lose some weight if we are ever going to move whilst carrying some water or a half full toilet cassette. Not to mention if we decide as we probably will to get a table and two chairs for the warmer climes. So a weight cutting exercise has now begun in earnest. The first thing to get the push were a number of glass bottles holding olive oils, a disposal of a few books we have already read and the large knife block that was holding our knives. OK so a knife block may not be the first thing you think of when you go caravanning, but I do like to cook. Our total saving so far is 9.8Kgs and we are moving slowly onwards to reduce this even more.
The main thing that struck me as we carry out this exercise, is the fact that when dealing with Brownhills the supposed biggest motor home dealer in Europe with me as a complete novice when it comes to campervans, that someone there did not discuss payloads with me. In fact they quite happily agreed to add additional weight to the van, by fitting for me such items as the top box, ladder and bike rack. All of which add a significant load to the van, apart from the already added extras such as the awning and solar panel. In essence selling me an illegal configuration that is not fit for purpose. If we added all the additional weights that could be carried on the van, i.e. four people, we have seatbelts for four people, a full loo because we haven’t had the chance to empty it. The top box with the table and chairs as well as those extras, such as side awnings and don’t forget the satellite system we wouldn’t mind having. I guess we would need two vans at the end of it or maybe another car to follow us around as we travel…
The ultimate conclusion we can draw from this, is there will be no wild camping for us and our motorhome until we manage to lose some weight. I can tell you now though, Frances had better start that diet of hers soon, coz it’s not going to be me…

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