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The Sanitisation of Britain’s Meat Eaters




The classic Irish Crubeens, but no cabbage
The classic Irish Crubeens, But No Cabbage.

A slightly off topic post, but one that I feel needs to be mentioned. I love to cook and as such enjoy the local shops, markets and supermarkets that I visit looking at all the wonderful ingredients on offer. I have come to realise that the supermarkets in the UK have been sanitising our shopping experience to the detriment of our children. Walking around the supermarkets of France, Spain and Portugal, I have already mentioned the beautiful array of seafood on offer. But I also want to advertise the beautiful array of meats and other produce I have seen on offer as well. Like the heaped snails on the local market stall in Spain, slowly moving around in their large container, scooped up and packaged fresh by the market holder for the eager customers. The dressed and presented cow tongues and sheep heads ready for purchase and the lamb brains neatly placed on show within the meat counter. The tempting crayfish snapping and crawling around, as fresh as they could possibly be. The hanging poultry and whole rabbits on show as if they had just been butchered fresh for consumption.

All these things, we would never see in a local Tesco or Asda as the sanitised items available to us are packaged in a way as to remove our thoughts from the actual origin of the product. If you are a vegetarian like Frances then your reaction to the sight of any of these products is one of disgust. But then that is how it should be if you are a vegetarian. With me as a meat eater, I am happy to accept that this is where my meat comes from and as a carnivore I would hope that I understand the consequences that my carnivorous tendencies have. I have always been of the opinion that if you couldn’t slaughter your own meat than you have no right being a meat eater. Acknowledge where your meat comes from and if you feel uncomfortable with it, don’t eat it, and go vegetarian. The thought of children eating Chicken nuggets and not understanding that they are eating those inquisitive feathery birds that peck around in the scrub looking for the odd morsel of food is a travesty. They should know where their food comes from and be able to make the decision from an early age as to whether this is acceptable. Wrapping up the food that they eat in a fabricated Styrofoam packaging and Cling-film wrapping, so that it resembles anything other than what it actually is, is removing the child and ultimately the adult from reality. Meat is what it is, a dead animal and if you don’t like the thought of that, there are plenty of vegetables for you to eat. I write this as I finish up on my evening meal of Crubeens or Pig’s feet that I was slurping on tonight, licking through the toes and ripping off the gelatinous meat and skin, enjoying every morsel.

I would like to point out that I do like vegetables as well, especially corn on the cobs. But I still remember reading about some experiments when I was younger that suggested plants feel pain as well, and if you listen closely as you chomp on your fresh lettuce leaf you can actually hear them scream.

Fruitarianism anyone?

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One Response to “The Sanitisation of Britain’s Meat Eaters”

  1. TeamSlinky Says:

    June 3rd, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    “All these things, we would never see in a local Tesco or Asda” thats because it’s rank.

    I think we will always agree to disagree on this one. Carnivore? more like barbarian!! The sight of a sheep’s head or even the odd rabbit’s foot is enough for me to throw up all over the floor so i for one am glad we don’t have such delights in this country.

    Should i ever choose to emigrate to such a destination i’m sure its something I’ll end up getting used to.

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