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The Midden




The midden campsite
View of the Midden campsite

Our campsite at Wells-next-the-Sea was called “The Midden”. Its name derives from an old term meaning Dung Heap and that was precisely what it was historically. After the building of the Fakenham to Wells railway by the M&GN (Nostalgically known by the locals as, Muddle and Get Nowhere) it was used as a rubbish tip during the 19th century, not that you would guess that now. Although there is a council recycling centre just down the road heading towards town as a small reminder. Our initial thoughts to the site was that it had good electrical hookup but seemed to only have one water point on site, which we were right next to. Maybe an issue if a few people were onsite at a time.

Fortunately we were the only all weather campers there this early in the year. It was also a standard tap which we did not have the right connection for. A basic Elsan point (Hole in the ground) and good recycling facilities. All in all a nice well drained site with interesting neighbours.

The campsite has the privilege of its own station on the Wells & Walsingham light railway that runs alone one edge of the site. The railway is well worth a visit and reputed to be the longest 10 ¼ gauge steam railway in the world. Not that I could vouch for that as I couldn’t find anywhere in the literature how long it actually was. My TomTom estimates the route to be around 4 to 4 ½ miles long. With a station on the Midden it would be an interesting way to see both the town of Wells-next -the-Sea and to take a trip to Walsingham to see the remains of the Abbey and the gardens.

View of the recently built Celtic village View of the recently built Celtic village

Also onsite is the Eceni centre and a virtually completed recreation of a Celtic village which has been built by a very dedicated pair, Steve & Jo Parish. This attraction should be open to the public in the summer of 2010 and from the initial look we have had at the place, it looks very interesting indeed. It will have a number of farm animals as part of the attraction and would be a great place to visit for children and adults alike.

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