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SFR Should Try Comedy Instead




SFR along with all the other mobile phone companies should change their profession and become comedians. I laughed so much as I was walked through their brochures offering 3G broadband access by one of their sales staff in Granville. At one point I asked the woman explaining the charges to take the brochure away, and show me the real one I was so convinced they were winding me up. If you though the Spiv’s and Extortionists in the UK were bad, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Espace SFR Le Guide Mobile – Internet – TV, edition 19th January till 15th March 2010 offers the following ‘Pay as You Go’ Internet tariffs.

3€ for 20 min

7€ for 1 hour

16€ for 3 hours

26€ for 8 Hours

39€ for a miserly 15 Hours

Oh and you have to pay for the key at €69. They advertise in big letters it will only cost you 29€, but then that’s only if you return the key and get your 40€ deposit back.

The rest of the bunch here are just as bad. Is it a wonder that I walked out the shop and went to the local Internet café, ordered a coffee, and accessed their free wifi instead. Says a lot about why McDonalds seem to be springing up everywhere in France these days, as it’s seems to be one of the places you can also get free wifi access here. I’m not a fan of McDonalds, except maybe their vanilla milkshakes on a nice sunny day, but if the French want to preserve their reputation of food excellence, than they had better start sorting out their Mobile phone companies before McDonalds take over as the number one place to eat in France. With their purported 81.9 million plus foreign tourists per year a lot are going to want to keep in contact with loved ones at home, and that’s an awful lot of trips to McDonalds. I now cannot wait to get to Spain where at least the prices compare to the prices we face in the UK. As far as I’m aware, you can get PAYG access at around 3€, for a full day’s access. Then at least I maybe able to get back to my regular online Poker sessions in the evenings. See you in Spain…

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