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Our short stay at Plemy was not enough for one traveller Our short stay at Plemy was not enough for one traveller

As we leave the campsite in Plemy and start the long drive to Brest, I’m not in the best of moods. Problem is I quite liked the campsite in Plemy and I hadn’t even got into see the village properly. Which from the views I saw as we drove through to get onto the main road, with the picturesque narrow paved streets and tired and rustic buildings on either side, I would have enjoyed. This made my mood even bleaker. The issue I guess is that the road to nowhere, I wanted to get started on when we sold up in Cambridge at the end of January, now seems to be a road to somewhere.

And if you are on a road to somewhere, I get the sense that I now have a timetable in place, which is not what I want at all. As we trundle down the Route N12, I start to wonder why I feel like this. Maybe it’s the fault of our friend Chris, who is getting married at the beginning of June in the Algarve. We have been invited obviously and so as I say we have somewhere to go and a timetable as well it seems. I look into the distance and see small towns with the church spires jutting out of the countryside asking to be explored. We pass a biscuit factory to my left, Artisan regionale as the French would say, offering their products and a tasting. My first reaction is ‘Oh that looks interesting’ but the second is that we cannot stop to investigate, as we have to get to the campsite in Brest. Why are we going to Brest in such a hurry you may ask? Well from what I understand it’s that Frances wants to be in Bordeaux for my birthday. I don’t know why, I’m in no rush to get there, as I know we will get there eventually, and if I like it why wouldn’t I stay. Maybe it’s Frances and her desire to get to somewhere warm? Frances dislikes the cold and doesn’t function very well in it. I guess the house sale went through when it went through, so we probably had to start this escapade at the wrong time. Especially when we had to spend the first six weeks of our journey, touring Norfolk in what was a very cold January and February, waiting for bank cards and the ACSI camping info to turn up. I think this made her desire for us to head south to the warmth particularly forceful. So I guess that would make my current mood the fault of Frances and maybe that’s why I seem to be a little mad at her today, as we rush to get to Brest. A place I don’t particularly want to go, except I want to experience my first look at Brittany, a place I have never been before. So if I can convince Frances I want to go to Brest, the westernmost city of Brittany, we get to pass through the ‘Parc naturel regional de’ Armorique’ rather than cut off Brittany altogether in our rush to Spain. We pass over a majestic viaduct with the river and town below us and I wonder what else are we missing as we push onto our destination. Maybe the fault is with me? Am I not expressing properly that the desire I have to travel is not a destination or a place, more an experience. Maybe no one’s fault at all and it just so happens we started this European Escapade in the wrong place or time. Perhaps my mood will stay with me for a little while, but I think will pass a lot quicker than I think, as I get given a small Daisy from Frances and her asking me if I want to pick the petals? After many petals later I know she loves me.

Daisy She Loves Me

And my last thoughts of the day are these. I do know that no matter where we are in the world; in my mind the destination is not actually that important. What is important is the Journey that I take and paths travelled getting to whatever destination that maybe, wherever it is in this world of ours. If we focus on the journey itself, then we should always be happy on a road to nowhere. After all is that not what all our lives are, a journey not a destination?

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