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Nana P Diary Part 8




I have not written to you for a while, sorry, I understand the Internet has not been good at your home in Chatteris for some time so I didn’t feel the need to send a message that you would not get.
Not too much to tell you really, Portugal is lovely much more prettier than Spain.

The birds are much more colourful, last week we had very large pretty bright blue birds sitting outside the campervan. This is one of the small pleasures in my life – feeding the birds – something I did in Cambridge every day. I would not go to work in the morning until all the Robins and the other birds had their food and their water bowl filled up. I hope one day you will enjoy this simple pleasure too and think of me. Also today I saw some funny looking birds, again very colourful with tiny sharp beaks like two toothpicks together and from the top of their heads what looked like a hammer. I tried to feed them close enough to take a photo, but they were not interested in me. I hope Mum and Dad will introduce soon to the pleasures of feeding the ducks and swans in the park. A very unique experience for a baby and continues through adulthood for me. Lets do it together someday soon.

Love you loads, Nana P XXXXX

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