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Nana P Diary Part 6




Steve's DVDs and Missy's Long Drop
Steve’s DVDs and Missy’s Long Drop

Dearest Jessica,

There are two things that reminded me of you this week so i’ll talk about them , maybe you won’t understand but I’m sure Mum and Dad will laugh and share with you later on. Firstly I know how much you are enjoying the colours on Cee Beebies and we thought of you today. Grumps has got really into Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer in Spanish and I think of you watching it in Chatteris. Grumps watches an hour of each while he has his cup of tea each morning, it’s on our level right now 3 years plus. I wonder who is enjoying it most right now, maybe when we come back we can watch it together. The Dora is in English too so we can leave them with you to watch. I’m sure Sesame Street will be good for you too soon.

So onto another story, you have your family pet Slinky and we have our family pet Missey Moo, who is travelling with us right now. You will meet her when we come back and you can decide if you like her or not, we have always called her a bit strange. Anyway she’s been pretty good with the travelling an odd day of constant meeeoowing and fussing. But she seemed to settle down into life on the road in general and went exploring most days.

But the last 2 days have been really bad for her and for us. We packed up to leave the campsite on Tuesday to head for Granada and at the last minute she decided to jump out of the van and hide in the bushes, we called her for a while but no way was she coming back in the van. I think it could be the heat as it’s now over 30 degrees, I had the idea to take the bottle of milk out of the fridge and wave it at her – she ran straight into the van waiting for her treat – ehhh no !!!!.

So we set off on the one hour journey to Granada a lovely smooth motorway route, but was Missey Moo happy, no way. She cried and meeoowed after the first 5 minutes, I sat in the back with her in her harness and lead to calm her down. All went well and she was happy, we spotted a supermarket about 3 minutes from the campsite and so decided to stock up on food and drinks. We always park in a quiet part of the car park as we are so big and need more room. And yes, just as we were locking up the van to go to the shops she dived out of the door and ran to hide under a coach and then under the van for safety. Why didn’t she just stay in the van ??? Anyway we were not happy to leave her under the van while we went shopping, so Grumps ran to the other side of the van and I watched the door side, we called her and tried treats but no way was she interested. Grumps had this great idea to get a pole from the van and climb under the van and poke her and make barking noises like a dog to scare her into the van. No wonder Spanish people think us Brits are weird, what did we look like. With her finally safe in the van we headed for the supermarket and got all our food and drinks for the next few days. She seemed okay when we returned to the van and we carried on our last few minutes of the journey for the day.

So all is well again, Nooooo !! We checked in at reception and they gave us our pitch, on the way we need to top up with water . We have learnt that it’s best for me to be outside the van and guide Grumps through the narrow pathways by directing him through the open windows of the van. We stopped at the water area to fill up and Missey took her chance to jump out of the window (a first) and into a bush. By this time we were fed up with her and after calling for a minute or 2 we decided to let her stay where she was, our pitch was only a few yards away.

We spent the next 2 hours worrying about her and calling her to no avail. Finally Grumps spotted her up by the water area hiding under a caravan. He had to cover her with a towel and carry her back – silly moo !!!. Is that the end of a bad Missie Moo time — No.

The next day we got ready to go into Granada for the day and we decided to go in to the city on the bus. Missey seems to know when we are going out or getting ready to travel and she starts to sulk. Again we opened the door to leave the van and she ran out under our feet and hid in the bushes. We called her and offered her treats but no, she was not interested. So we filled up her water bowl and her food, left them under the van in the shade where she was and left her with her strop. We worried about her as we walked around a very beautiful Granada but what else could we have done she wasn’t playing by the rules today. We finally returned to the van about 5 pm and no Missey to be seen. All the food and water had gone so that was good – was it – did Missey eat it or the resident stray Missey lookalike sat on the steps. Again we called her and walked around the site – no sign of her. Finally I heard a faint cry in the distance and I looked over the wall behind our van – a 30 foot drop, what would be down there in brambles – nothing of course. But oh no, Missey had somehow or someway got down over the wall into the brambles and nettles etc, whatever for !!!! Who knows, anyway she was stuck down there, there was no way we could reach her and no way she could climb back up, definitely a silly Moo day.

We tried throwing a large towel over the side of the wall for her to grab onto so we could pull her up, but no, we had clipped her claws the day before so she couldn’t hold on. We tried walking around to see where the wall had a gap to climb through, nothing. In the end Grumps got his comfy sunbathing chair and held it over the edge as far as he could reach to encourage Missey to hold on , but again, clipped claws she fell off back into the brambles and nettles !!!!!!. One last attempt and she finally held onto the chair long enough to reach a point where she could jump off onto the wall and climb the rest herself. Not a happy 2 days for Missey or us, but it’s the first time she’s been unsettled and it was funny to see Grumps doing his barking dog with a sharp stick impression in the middle of a packed supermarket car park. Missey is as good as gold today, a lesson learnt I think for her and us. Tell Mum n Dad it’s 35 degrees here today in Granada MMMMM lovely.

Talk again soon, decided to head to Gibraltar now for a quick visit before heading up to Portugal. Love you loads – Nana P XXXXX

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One Response to “Nana P Diary Part 6”

  1. TeamSlinky Says:

    May 6th, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Blimey! Seems like Spain brings out the best in Missy, that story reminds me of when she fell off the window ledge of our bedroom in Pymoor. Lucky for her (and us) she fell into the bag of freshly cut grass I’d left below. Phew.

    Im not sure whether to be worried about Steve, not for the barking like a dog and poking the underside of the campervan with a stick but for his method of learning spanish. I can just see him now sitting their all civilised with his tea repeating spanish phrases to a 3 year old’s television show.

    If Dora can’t do it, no one can!

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