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La Goule Ambrée – Vaux Rouillac




A nice pint of La Goule A nice pint of La Goule.

Brewed at the ‘Brasserie Artisanale Océane’ in Vaux Rouillac near Cognac, where I actually purchased it. This meaty brew comes in a 750ml bottle and at 6% abv is a big flavourful beer. Once open it shows a distinct rich amber colour, but is also slightly hazy reminiscent of a wheat style beer. The nose is fruity and slightly sour and has a distinct smell of the traditional Lambic yeast, so reminiscent of the Belgian beer I have still to get used to. The first taste confirms the Lambic quality and also a slightly sharp and fruity, but rounded taste in the mouth.

If anything the hops are masked by the yeast, but if pushed, I would note a Bramling Cross style grassy finish is there somewhere. Whilst I have to say that this beer is certainly full of flavour, its Lambic quality is not to my taste. However as I always say, getting decent bottle conditioned beer in France is always difficult, and for this brew the brewers should be applauded. So if you like a nice light Belgian style then this is a beer for you, and I would say the brewers have a success on their hands. For me I will be looking elsewhere for my perfect beer on this European Escapade.

The brewery also does a number of other lighter style beers for you to choose from, but on this occasion I decided on the Ambrée. Unfortunatly I cannot find a web link to the company’s site. However if I do I will certainly update the blog.

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