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You could build a few sand castles with this dune
You could build a few sand castles with this dune.

My next interesting story for you is the ‘Dune Pyla’, again you won’t understand yet, but as soon as you see sand you will have so much fun, it’s great to play in and from what I could see everyone one was having great fun. Again I don’t know too much about the history, but from what I understand is the dune is about 100 metres high and is virtually vertical (straight up for you). I looked at it on a hot and sunny day and thought – no , not for me, I could see people struggling to climb it red faced and out of breath at only half way. Apparently it moves (???) about 4.5 metres a year swallowing up everything in it’s path including trees and houses. (still confused how it does this) . I was quite happy viewing it from the bottom and watching everyone trying to climb and then trying to fall back down.

Grump’s was determined to climb it and yes after only 2 minutes he was struggling like all the others, I looked and laughed and was glad I did not bother with the hike to the top. Grumps finally made it after 3 or 4 stops and he says the view from the top was fantastic. I’m sure it was amazing looking down over one of France’s best bays. But for me to look and watch I also enjoyed the day in my own way.

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