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Nana P Diary Part 2




One of the marine tanks with a picasso fish amongst many others
View of the tank with nana’s favorite fish, a picasso fish.

Hello again Jessica, and Mum, Dad and Slinky. Happy 6 weeks birthday for yesterday. I was trying to get this page written for you by then but Grumps was busy with his blogs yesterday (don’t ask me, but I know it’s not rude). Anyway now I can tell you my second story of our travels that you may like. I understand you’re into CBEEBIES with lots of pretty colours that you like. I do remember seeing an advert for a new program on CBEEBIES called Jessica’s Games. Has that started yet, ask Mummy, she’ll let you watch it if it’s on already and before your bedtime, which I hope is getting better for you.

Anyway bright colours, Daddy suggested I include in my messages to you, and I thought of this on our recent trip to Oceanopolis, Europe’s largest aquarium which I’m sure you would love even from your very early age. There are 3 different huge exhibition centres, one was the Polar Region you would have liked this as it was filled with Penguins and seals and they all looked very happy in their very spacious homes. Some penguins even came up to us and wanted attention they were so cute. This reminded of a great film Happy Feet, I made Grumps take me to see it at the cinema and he was not very happy (Grumps never is unless he’s playing his way). I’m sure one of your earliest movies to watch will be Happy Feet it’s great. I think I still have my penguin ‘teddy’ that Grumps bought me for Christmas. They didn’t have any polar bears in this section, I guess they are too big and best left in natural surroundings anyway.. This was why Oceanopolis was built, to give this generation and the next (yours) an idea of the need to save the Oceans and the Planet, and how we can all help.

Daddy will tell you I’m a big believer in carbon foot printing, one of the reasons we are doing this travelling in the first place. My favourite book at the moment is ‘ Make the most of your time on earth’ and that is what i’m trying to do.

Anyway, back to bright colours, our favourite exhibition centre was the Marine and Tropical centre. You may notice the fish tank in your lounge it’s full of brightly coloured fish. Well the Marine and Tropical centre was full of tanks so big that you could not see the top, the bottom or the sides, all full of brightly coloured fishes and corals and plants. This was our favourite centre, again another movie springs to my mind that I know you will watch very soon (Mummy knows already), finding Nemo. Another great film that you will really enjoy, full of bright colours and easy to understand words for you to listen too. Unfortunatley at the time of the movie it was all the rage for everyone to go out and buy Clown fish as they are so pretty and cute in the film. But most of the bought Clown fishes died because they were kept in the wrong tanks and the wrong conditions. Best to just watch the movie and enjoy the fishes or go to an aquarium where you can see them happy with their friends. Something Grumps n me always thought of doing, keep a marine tank, but they need peace and quiet and that was something we never had with Dad and his Brothers growing up with guitars and drums etc, so we never bothered. But maybe when we come back we can think about getting a marine tank and maybe you can help to feed the fishes when you visit.

That’s it for now, talk to you again soon, be good for Mum N Dad and sleep well, Nana P

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