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My First Letter to Jessica




A Picture of Frances with our granddaughter Jessica page at 1 week old Frances with our granddaughter Jessica Paige at five weeks old

Dear Jessica,

Although this page is dedicated to you and my travelling, I am aware that it is available for anyone to read. To those of you who are also away from their Grandchildren and want to ‘be there with them’ then I’m sure you’ll relate to this site with me. I know you won’t be learning history and geography for at least 6/7 years Jessica but maybe you can be ahead of the game listening to my stories. The plan is when you wake up in the middle of the night and Mum n Dad can’t get you back to sleep, if they read my blog to you for a couple of minutes you’ll be so bored you fall into a deep sleep. (good plan don’t you think mum n dad). Let’s hope it works.

The first very boring (sorry Interesting thing) You will learn at school in history is the second world war (is she asleep yet !!!). We have travelled through the Normandie beaches, the Somme ( where my grandfather died fighting for Ireland)and Picardie and Dieppe. I was also very bored with English history at school and fell asleep many times in class. But Irish history !! hey time to wake up and listen (no not you Jessica, you stay asleep.) My Great Great Uncle was Michael Collins the most famous rebel in Irish history and boy do I take after him. He tried to change the course of English/Irish history but was killed because of his ideas. Now there is a Great Great Grand Uncle to talk about when you go to school. (asleep yet ?).

No okay i’ll carry on, the next interesting thing we did in France was visit the Bayeux Tapestry – Mum n Dad will tell you all about this won’t you (???) . Okay I’ll bore you all, this was the tapestry that was made to depict (sorry big word for 6 weeks old). The battle of Hastings in 1066 between King Harold and King William, one of the most famous battles of all time so far. The tapestry took years to complete and is amazing in detail, you should see it if you get the chance which I’m sure you will do when you go to school.

Now we have moved further down through France and tomorrow we are also going to see another famous site, but I will tell you about that tomorrow as I hope you are now fast asleep. If you are not surely Mum n Dad are.
Talk soon, bet you can’t wait for the next thrilling instalment.


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One Response to “My First Letter to Jessica”

  1. TeamSlinky Says:

    April 12th, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    Since reading this i have decided to buy a copy of Micheal Collins the film made about him, on DVD. It’s a film i have never seen that i really ought to have!

    I will also keep it for when Jessica is grown up along with a DVD player as by then i reckon DVD’s will be like Betamax videos are to us, obsolete!

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