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Cronies at Acronis and an Apology to ZTE




A rant and also an apology to a number of mobile phone companies is required. Whilst I was happy to get my Yoigo modem, I was less than pleased to find even though the box said it was Windows 7 compatible, it blue screened on me as soon as I tried to install it. We were never going to go back to Llieda after our initial visit and the Groundhog Day we had suffered there and so we moved onto Tarragona and the Costas to try and locate a Yoigo store that was situated in the coastal town of Salou, so I could vent my frustrations about this crap product I had been sold.

The address system in Spain is really strange and whist the post codes give a village, finding an establishment after that seems almost impossible. Even with the address I was unable to find the Yoigo store in Salou from either the Sat-Nav or asking in the central town area of Salou. OK at this point of our trip, my Spanish is still very basic and this may have something to do with it. But walking around the streets asking people as they pass ‘necesito tienda Yoigo’ showing the box with the logo on somehow did not seem to register with anyone. I was it seems in a catch 22 with my new modem, I couldn’t resolve the problem because I had no internet and couldn’t get internet because of my blue screen problem. I was fed up as the interface was in Spanish and the last thing I needed was issues with the install. How do you get technical support for a product with the language barrier I had. It looked as if I had wasted my money on the modem.

Why was I convinced it was the Yoigo modem? Well I had had this same issue with the ZTE modem I had received from T-Mobile in the UK, where during the installation the laptop blue screened during it’s install as well. Fortunately the T-Mobile modem, seemed to handle the issue a little better than the Yoigo, and once the system had rebooted I was able to make an internet connection at least. The Yoigo gave me no such recourse, as I tried to connect it would cheerfully bleep at me, as it advised that the modem was either in use or not installed correctly. Thinking what else could I do, as I tried to check the ZTE site in Chinese for updated drivers or a Google search for any other possible solution to my modem problem. At this time ZTE, Yoigo and T-Mobile were mud in my book as I cursed them for their obvious inferior products. It was not until I was trying to resolve another software issue with my TomTom Sat-Nav system that a breakthrough came. Whilst trying to resolve the problem of my silent Sat-Nav, not a great position to find one’s self in as you try and navigate the unfamiliar roads of Spain, the laptop blue screened in exactly the same way as it did with the ZTE modems when I plugged them in. It was a breakthrough for me, because at that point I had only two USB items that crashed the laptop and both were from ZTE. Now I had three examples and ZTE was now only responsible for two of them. The only similarity I had was that at the time of the crash all were USB hard drives and so I switched suspicion to my ‘Kaspersky Anti-Virus’ software. This was the breakthrough that I needed as I started to get different results from the Google searches and I was finally able to get some feedback from the crash dumps created on the blue screen. Seems the culprit maybe my ‘Acronis TrueImage’ backup software that I had installed just before I purchased my T-Mobile modem in the UK. A quick update of the Acronis software and the Yoigo, installed perfectly first time and I was finally able to connect to the internet. So thanks to the cronies at Acronis that sold me a duff off the shelf software product and sorry to ZTE, Yoigo and T-Mobile for blaming you guys for another company’s incompetence.

With this experience in mind, I do ask myself why we put up with software companies selling us products that have issues with them and do not work out of the box as we would expect. We certainly would not put up with it from other manufactures. A product should work out of the box first time with no excuses and if it doesn’t then it should not be on sale. We would not expect such issues with a car or a fridge or a DVD player. Why is software so different? I wonder if it is the ease at which problems with a product can be resolved by the manufacturer. With a car, if they had to fix issues to a new model as many times as a software company seems to have to fix it products, the car manufacturer would be out of business very quickly. The latest Toyota ‘break’ issue is a perfect case in point, if we take the expensive recall that was required for their cars and the bad publicity it caused them. If the software companies were put under more scrutiny and brought to task about their hastily marketed products then maybe we as consumers would have a better time of it.

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