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Public Transport and the Rape of Prudence.




Whilst we were on Burton-on-Trent we decided to use the public bus service to get into town from our campsite Conkers. My first reaction was, am I missing Cambridge already where the citi-two bus comes every ten minutes and costs £3.30 for an all day ticket across the entire citi-bus network. The Burton Bus service charged us £4.80 each for the same thing. I thought Cambridge was expensive and disinclined me to use the service if there were two of us and I always had a bee in my bonnet about the park and ride scheme for the same reason. But at £9.60 for the return trip to town, I could have parked anywhere in Burton for the day at that price and had the comfort of my own car rather than standing waiting for a bus in 2° C.

Do these idiots in local and national government not understand basic economics? If it cost me more to use a bus service than it would if I took my comfortable and convenient car and parked in town, why the hell would I want to? OK I know that we have to pay the Insurance and Road taxes for our cars as well as the cost of the purchase of the car itself. But these are all upfront costs that we have already paid out for, so most people would only consider the petrol and parking costs in the equation. If government want to persuade us to use public transport then it’s this equation it needs to address. If we go to a park and ride why do we pay for the passengers and not the car? If we reordered the charges this way around then the equation works. Cost to park car at park and ride £2.40p, passengers ride the bus into town for free. Park and ride is now a viable option because the parking cost in town should be more than the cost of the park and ride and we get driven into town through all the nice empty bus lanes. But if there are the normal family of two adults and two children, based on the current equation then it breaks down at a cost £8.80p. Especially when you consider the convenience factor of the car.

I think the real problem with these people, is that they never use the public transport system themselves for one. The other thing is that this current government forgets that carrots are available and prefers the stick as it in a good way to increase their revenues. How else will they pay for our bloated public services and dig ourselves out of this debt hole that the current unelected prime minister then “Chancellor of the Exchequer” got us into, when he decided after a few years that Prudence should be pulled off her pedestal and given a right economic rodgering and thrown out on the streets. So much for the old adage, saving for a rainy day. Well it’s raining Mr unelected Prime Minister and I won’t be wanting to share your umbrella, I’m going somewhere nice and sunny and taking my taxes with me.

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