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a lovely place for a drink, if only it was open
A lovely place for a drink, if only it was open.

Camping Reina Isabel was the name of the site, I’m not sure if the ACSI reviewer had his rose tinted glasses on when he visited the site, but fortunately we didn’t. It is true this site was perfect for visiting Granada and to be honest with you, that’s all we really wanted the site for. However if it gave perfect shaded areas it was because the pitches were so small that the hedges or campervans shadows blocked out any sun that tried to get through. We had just enough space between our campervan and the hedge to put a chair out. The table was out of the question. The only way to spread out sufficiently was to place oneself at the edge of you pitch in the roadway.

Yes there was a bar and restaurant, but neither were open when we were there, although the camping guide suggested they would be. The pool was a no go and the only succour was the small basic shop where we could get our bread and such. The WiFi I have to say was the only highlight on the site and was a reasonable price. The toilets facilities and that, yes very clean and nice as you would hope and expect from any site. The other great benefit was that the bus stop direct to Granada was only fifty metres down the road from the campsite, with a large shopping centre just a little further on. Why may you ask are we giving this site a hard time, because if you have kept up with the blog, you know we have stayed in much worse.

The reason is the conversation I had with the female receptionist when we left the campsite after our wonderful stay in Granada. I went to pay the bill and as I have come to do I always present my ACSI card both on arrival and on departure. Just to let them know I expect the ASCI discounts and it also has my name and passport details on, so along with my driving licence, it saves me getting those out of the van for identification. On this occasion as I am trying to pay the bill, she said that the ASCI card was no good. Seems she misunderstood that I wanted to pay as I was leaving and not just arriving on the campsite to say a few days. Looking at the ACSI guide it did indeed say that the 30th April was the end of the low season and that the day we had decided to leave the site was the day when the prices on the campsite went up to their high season rate. I never got from the receptionist how much it was but ACSI shows an Indicative price of €23.90 for two adults with a caravan and electric. I was so pleased to hear this and was in a mind to stay for an additional night. I asked if it was now high season, whether the pool would now be available for our use? The answer I got was NO…. What about the nice restaurant I could see through the windows as I entered the campsite that ACSI advised would be open? The answer again, NO. The bar maybe, if I was paying nearly €10 more a night now surly the bar would now be open for our use? The answer, yes you have guessed it NO. Even though I was leaving I was getting a little annoyed and asked why if there were no extra facilities open for my use would I want to pay an extra €10 for staying at her campsite. The answer was in her words, the sun, it’s getting hotter and sunnier and so the prices go up. The answer in my words was that I could get the sun anywhere and I didn’t need to say at her campsite with all the closed facilities they had on offer.

This is a perfect example of arrogance from a campsite owner who uses their location as a crutch to run their business on, because if it were not located at a perfect distance from Granada with great access to La Alhambra and the town centre, they would have gone out of business a long while ago I’m sure. So with this attitude I refuse to recommend this site during high season and when we return to the picturesque town of Granada, we will provide another review of another campsite in the area. I hope this one will not display the same lackadaisical attitude as Reina Isabel…

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