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Good Beer Alert!!! Noir de Slack




A picture of a dark beer from France called Noir de Slack
An inviting dark beer from France

Well I’m finally over the water and happy to say that my first foray into a shop to buy beer was a success. I found a dark bottle conditioned beer called “Noir de Slack” and it was just how I like my beers.

A dark inviting pint, full of lush bitter chocolate and a hint of coffee in the after-taste and the first French beer I said , “WOW” to, as I took my first mouthful. Slightly over carbonated for us in the Cambridge Beer Circle, but a pour from one glass to the other sorted that with no issues and once it had warmed to an agreeable English temperature, the full flavour of the beer shone through. I would say it was in a similar style to “Old Peculiar” and the brewer Christophe Noyon has done a great job. He has a microbrewery in a farm high above the Côtes d’Opales (about 25 minutes’ drive from Calais) and seems to be making a small reputation for himself in his attempt to resurrect French brewing.

Check out his website at

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