European Escapades

Nana P Diary Part 7




Hi Baby Jessica,

Now we are in Portugal, again one thing came to my mind to remind me of you and to tell you about it. No big deal, but my thoughts were with you and I could almost see you in my mind. We parked outside a children’s nursery so Grumps could walk to the Library to try his internet access which, didn’t work. Anyway being stopped outside the nursery, I saw loads of very young children going for a walk together with their teacher or minders. Some of them were as young as 12 months old and were tottering along on their new found feet all dressed in same coloured smocks and holding hands to stay together.

The youngest group I saw, were no more than a year old, all had a yellow band connected to all of their wrists as they walked in line with their lovely same coloured tops on. A tear came into my eye as I thought of you maybe in a year’s time doing the same thing. But I hope Mum N Dad will not send you away to school so soon, these ones looked far too small to be away from Mum for the whole day. Maybe Mum’s need to work here, I don’t know, but it didn’t look right for me. My thoughts of you snuggled up with Mum n Dad sounds so much better and I’m pleased to know you are in safe hands.

Talk to you again soon and see you in a few weeks. Nana P XXX

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