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As we said, the campsite was really a restaurant with a little side line of camping in a small field next door. But that was not to say it was a half hearted effort. All the pitches were flat and were clustered around a large fenced pond that sat in the middle of the site. A few ducks were happy to make that home and I guess would be of interest to the children. Missy Moo was certainly interested. One of the nice things here was the fact that not only did each pitch have electricity it also had water points as well, so no wandering around here looking for water.

The other benefit I saw was the fact that the site was just on the outskirts of Pons and it was easy to cycle in or walk to the Intermarche in the town from the site. We cycled and it took us only 10 minutes. We met the couple next to us walking in on our way. So all good for supplies and for facilities you had the restaurant and bar area as well as children’s play area (I was especially interested in the trampoline, but Frances said I was too heavy and would break it) and an outdoor pool. The pool was not open as yet when we arrived so cannot comment on it use. The other good thing was the WiFi that was available in the restaurant and bar area, although I picked it up on the campsite sitting outside the van with limited issues. It dropped a few times but it was free so what can I say. The showers that were open at the time were good and you had toilet and washing facilities as well. In fact I would say the only issue I had was with the chemical toilet disposal and the grey water dump. The grey water there was nowhere I could ascertain for it and the chemical toilet although there, did not have running water to clean the cartridge. The tap was there but when turned was as dry as a bone and I had taken the hose sitting on the ground beside it as a temporary replacement. But again no tap anywhere along its path as I followed it into what I assumed were the disused ‘summer toilets and showers’ up to the point it connected to a water pipe. I was led to believe that the CTD was a known issue but had yet to be fixed by the owners. However as this is an all year campsite, even with these issues I would recommend a stay there as the staff were both friendly and helpful. I’m sure there would be a real buzz to the place in the height of summer.

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