European Escapades

Our Mission

To bring to our  family and friends as well as anyone else who is interested in reading this  blog a diary of our travel through Europe and beyond. In doing so we hope that  you will all feel some of the emotions and excitement we expect to encounter on  our travels and hope that you, like us will also in a small way fall in love  with some of the unconventional out of the way places we find on our  adventures. We also hope to give you all some laughs and some thoughtful  contemplation as we convey in this blog some of our highs, our lows, the fun  challenges, as well as the trials and tribulations we face on our journey of  discovery through Europe. Maybe after reading this it will spur you on to try  something similar yourself or help you avoid some of the pitfalls we find out  there. Whatever the reason you read this blog we hope you enjoy it and gain  something from it.