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A view if the cliff top as we descend the steps to the harbourside
A view if the cliff top as we descend the steps to the harbour side

One of the places we stayed whilst in La Mache, was in the Aires de camping car right up on the Roc, the farthest westerly point. Why did we stay here? Well we went to Montmartin-Sur-Mar as there were two campsites open, however neither seemed to cater for camping cars and neither seemed open anyway. Our visit to the local tourist information office was helpful in as much as they exhausted all the sites in the area. They did however offer us two Aires de camping car, one in Brehal and the other in Granville. As we wanted a large town, so we had the possibility of internet access via an internet cafe and also check out the 3G dongle situation in France in a mobile phone shop, we decided to give it a go.

We had water this time so wildish camping in the middle of town was now an option. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at both the location and the facilities. At these Aires is the ability to top up on water for €2 or have 55min of electricity; they also have the ability for disposal of grey water and Chemical toilet disposal. Although the one or two I had seen already at some of the campsites we had visited needed tokens, this one took money. It was situated on the most westerly point of the town and so gave you a beautiful view of the bay from the steps leading down to the harbour, where we found fish and shellfish in abundance on the harbour side and in town at the local fishmongers. The prices in the restaurants studded along the front were reasonable and the town itself is wonderful and lively. In essence the Aires was a perfect spot for a one night stop over to enjoy all the delights Granville had to offer. You can only park at an Aires for the maximum duration of 24 hours and this cost in Granville €5, but when we were there (off season) there were seven other campervans availing themselves of the parking and facilities. At a price like that it is easy to take a cheap nights parking in an Aires and use the money saved on campsite fees at a nice local restaurant or bar.

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