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Restaurant Chez Maryvonne
Restaurant Chez Maryvonne.

It seems a long time since I have been able to do a restaurant review; I guess that when you are able to cook far better food on a budget at home or in a camper van that you can get in a restaurant, especially on a budget, there is no incentive to eat out. With us now in France, we can get decent bread and good wine at prices I would not even contemplate in the UK. I love my pâtés, charcuterie and cornichons (Gherkins) and it only take a short while to cook a nice fish or a faux fillet in the van.

However we had a long journey and no campsite to plonk ourselves and it was lunchtime. We were in a very small village called ‘Hauteville-sur-mer’ and spotted one of those small unfussy places where it seems all the locals’ hangout. The ‘menu de jour’ was like the one we tried in an unknown village we visited when we cruised the ‘Canal du Midi’ a few years back, very reasonable at €9 with wine thrown in. How could you not go in and be social?

Our main meal at the Chez Marvonne
Our main meal at the Chez Marvonne.

The first thing we noticed was it had on the tables large bottle of ‘Vin de table’ both red and white and a number of local ciders. We were taken to one of the few remaining tables and looking around we spied the generous starter buffet, which had a number of salads and cold meats as well as some rice and potato dishes. It was more than enough choice for both of us and a good hearty starter to boot. The bread was provided by the waiter who then placed a full bottle of red wine on the table and proceeded to take our order for the main course. The €9 menu included a quarter bottle of wine each, however we did not feel that if we had drunk more than half the bottle any issues would have been raised. But it was lunchtime and I had to drive the van afterwards, so that was the only thing urging restraint. Frances ordered the fish and I had the ham steaks in a cider sauce. The fish came with rice and a potato and courgette gratin and the ham with sauté potatoes and vegetables. Whilst I will admit not the best ham in the world as it was a processed ham, it was for the money remarkable good value and beat anything I could get for this price in the UK. We finished up on cheese for Frances and a crème brûlée and black coffee for me. Total price was only €19 as the coffee was extra, but still how could you eat like that at home? Would I recommend this place? Sure I would as I would love to see this style of eating establishment in the UK myself. Getting away from the assembly line style fried catering; we seem to have to face in the UK all the time.

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