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Bridge Over The River Loire




Le pont de Saint-Nazaire looks like a rollercoaster ride from here Le pont de Saint-Nazaire looks like a rollercoaster ride from here.

We left ‘Croisic’, bad hair day over and headed to a place we found on the map that intrigued us and thought we would stop there for lunch and a little wander. The place was ‘Saint Michael Chef Chef’ and was just south of ‘Saint Nazaire’ over the river Loire. I say just, but that was an understatement of the century. If you thought that the bridge in ‘Le Havre’ was as mind blowing, as we did , when we slowly inched up the steady incline to the centre of the bridge in our campervan, then you have never driven across the Saint-Nazaire Bridge that crosses the Loire estuary to ‘Saint Michael Chef Chef’.

It may not hold any records for longest span, but at nearly 3.5kms long it’s a very long bridge. Maybe it more impressive because of the view you get many kilometres back, seeing this arch on the horizon and seeing the way it dips and bends as it reaches from one riverbank to the other. All I know is that Frances was a little concerned about the ‘Le Havre’ bridge as we approached it. This one she was positively nervous and asked if there was another way around. It was like being on a roller coaster and slowly inching up the first incline, knowing it would be all gravity and downhill, with thrills and hopefully no spills once you got over the top.<

St Michael Chef Chef, an interesting name St Michael Chef Chef, an interesting name.

Well we managed the bridge with no issues and Frances was still in her seat. We ran down the other side straight into ‘Saint Michael Chef Chef’. I don’t know what we expected to see there, but apart from a snazzy place name, a friendly Aires de Campingcar and a Biscuiterie, it was just another small village with a small church, restaurant and a boulangerie. We looked for Lenny Henry, but he was nowhere to be seen. In our opinion, a good place for a cheap overnight stay, some fresh bread and a nice evening meal. Lunch over and a final walk around the town, we continued to our destination ‘Challans’, where our campsite waited. I would love to regale you with other stories for this part of our trip, but to be honest; the bridge was the main event in what was a thankfully ordinary day on our European Escapade…You have to have one or two of them don’t you?

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