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About Steve

Stephen Stephen

I am an Ex IT Contractor, who took a brief foray into the FOREX markets and found it wasn’t for me, before making the decision to take an extended sabbatical and tour the world for a year or two. I have a love for food and wine as well as a love of beer and brewing. I think I’m a good cook and will when travelling, be trying the many varied regional delights I encounter, happy to incorporate the best into my cooking repertoire. Whenever I am on Holiday I always take time out to scuba dive and would rather be spending my time exploring a village or rainforest than sit by the pool taking in the sun. Unless of course I had a really good book to read, I love reading as well. This journey will also allow me to learn the intricacies of building a web site and blog and have fun doing so. Some people would call me opinionated and I guess if that is true, that will help me when it comes to writing my comments on both the culinary and camping delights and disasters that we will encounter on our escapade through Europe. It will also give me a good solid base, as I write about the many pitfalls and gripes I will have to tolerate on this journey of discovery.

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About Frances

Frances Frances

I am an ex Import/export specialist of over 20 years and retired in January 2010 to travel the globe with my Husband Steve and our remaining cat Missy Moo. (All three sons now happily settled in their own lives). My love of sun and warmer climes has inspired me to travel as well as experience other lifestyles less fortunate than ourselves. My first thought was Africa and helping in some way to save the starving children. We may get there eventually, but with the cat we have to limit our scope for now. I am also on a spiritual journey and every opportunity to fulfil this need I take advantage of; it gives me comfort in an internet/mobile phone crazy world. Although it is now my only means of contacting my family and friends.

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About Missy Moo

Missy Moo Missy Moo

I’m a thirteen year old tabby with nervous disposition, so maybe this journey is not quite up my street. The only bonus I can see is I get to spend most of my time sleeping as we travel from place to place. When I’m brave enough I do go outside to explore the new surroundings, but prefer to do it at night when no one can see me. I’ve already seen some strange creatures that I have never seen before, like Seagulls and rabbits. Although to be honest with you, they do look rather large and scary. Because I like playing games such as running up and down the campervan in the middle of the night and then walking on Frances’ and Steve’s head when they are asleep, they have giving me a game to play with you to keep me occupied. I do hope you will join in the fun game.

Love Missy Moo xxx.

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