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A Bad Hair Day




View of La Roche-Bernard bridge and marina View of La Roche-Bernard bridge and marina.

From Carnac and the silent memory of the standing stones we headed to ‘Le Criosic’, a small fishing port on a peninsular South West of the ‘Brière regional parc’. As we drove the main route eastwards we crossed over a bridge and were greeted by the most beautiful looking harbour below us, atop which sat on the hillside, was the small town of ‘La Roche-Bernard’. We needed bread as it was coming up to lunchtime, and as the sun was shining and we were in no rush to get anywhere special, we decided to stop. There was an Aires de Campingcar sign pointing us in the direction of the marina, which we had seen a glimpse of as we crossed the bridge, we decided to head there. We parked up in the Aires, and then took a wander around this picturesque village. Walking through the high street we headed through old quarter, where there seems to be the more touristy artisan style shops.

View of the old town in La Roche-Bernard View of the old town in La Roche-Bernard.

It is worth a look here as there are a number of very beautiful buildings, and it also leads a large rock outcrop atop which sits a few old cannons. From here is one of the best views of the ‘River Vilaine’ and the suspension bridge which we crossed to get to the town itself. You can also see just behind the new bridge an outcrop of the original stone bridge which was destroyed during the Second World War. The very nice lady in the Boulangerie on the main street told us that a local market operates on Thursday mornings until lunchtime. She said it was a vibrant place, especially during the summer months, with local and regional producers competing to sell their wares. Unfortunately as we had arrived on Saturday, we were only able to sample the delights of her Boulangerie and the bread on offer. Although I seem to remember Frances did pay quite close attention to the local poissonnier and his wares. That’s Fishmonger for the non French speakers amongst you, not a shop to buy poisons, because she has had enough of me. So our bread bought, we headed back to the Campervan for lunch.

Working the salt flats of Guérande Working the salt flats of Guérande.

We drove up to the main road to resume our journey southwards and as we crosses from ‘Guérande” to the peninsula, we could see signs of the local salt industry everywhere. From the salt pans either side of the roadway to the man made hills of ‘Mont Lenigo’ and ‘Mont Esprita’ on either side of the harbour. These hills were formed from the ballast left by the ships trading the salt. We stayed in the more tourist area, south of the actual town, as that was where the open campsite areas were. I was standing in the reception asking for a two night stay, so we could relax and get over the Sunday hurdle. This is when even if a campsite is open, it’s still seems to be closed. I suddenly realised why the receptionist was looking at me a little strange, I had been walking around all morning with only half a head of hair… I had completely forgotten about my aborted attempt at a hair cut the night before. Try explaining in French that your rechargeable hair clippers ran out of juice halfway through your hair cut, and the reason why you want a pitch with electricity is to recharge them, so you can finish the job you started the day before. Bad hair day or what… Well the receptionist found it funny and Frances was smirking as I went back to the van and told her what had happened. The first thing I did, once pitched, was connect the electric and start charging my hair clippers. A quick shower and a good going over with the now fully charged clippers an hour later and my bad hair day was finally at an end. Still as we packed to leave the site, and I went into reception to pay the camping fees, the receptionist did admit my hairstyle was a lot better than the one she had witnessed on our arrival. So on that note, a word to the wise; make sure your clippers are fully charged before you start cutting anything, else you maybe on the end of your own bad hair day…

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