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Insurance and the Art of War




Well it felt like war when I was trying to get insurance for our new motor home. A simple task in my mind when I first started out looking turned into a nightmare by the kind of people and organisations I made a lot of money out of when I was an IT Consultant. Why did I make money? Well it seems that these companies love to put people and products in boxes and if you don’t fit in the box, well tough shit. My forte in consultancy was to ignore boxes and get the job or task done for a customer, no matter what it took. From driving down to a tool shop and buying a specific tool for the engineer rather than wait for him to make the request via the torturous internal company process, to employing specific couriers for deliveries at specific times, with the right delivery equipment, rather than rely on the standard couriers the company used to deliver the computer, sometime that day or even week in some cases.


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