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the beautiful valley looking towards gausin
The Beautiful Valley Looking Towards Gausin.

We could go south from Ronda to the coast and take the motorway to La Linea de la Conception, but where would the fun in that be. No for us, there was a nice small orange road right through the surrounding hills via the small town of Gaucin. Seems we like to take the less obvious routes when we can, although they do sometimes get us into trouble. I have to say that the views that we encountered was worth the slower road as we traversed around tight bends and over to top of the hills, to be greeted with spectacular views of the valleys and villages below. At first it seem coming from Ronda was the wrong way to take the mountain road, as every parking area or photo opportunity point was on the wrong side for us and we were unable to pull in, to take a photograph of the wondrous scenery we were enjoying. However once we were over the peaks and descending down the other side of the range, it was our turn to have all the photo spots open for our viewing pleasure. Along the route we noticed a good number of cafes and restaurants waiting for customers, some with ample parking for a small six metre motorhome like ours. We were out of food and had a long journey ahead so we declined the almost irresistible urge to stop and partake in some lunch and decided to wait until we had sorted our provisions and parked ourselves at ‘Sur Europa’.

Maybe in hindsight not the best of plans because ‘Sur Europa’ we found out, is a fair way out of town and it has no real facilities to speak of at all. The place felt like it was more interested in being a sports complex for the disabled and the camping was just a sideline. However the WiFi was good and the pitch was shaded. The other nice thing was that the owners did not allow dogs onsite. We have been having a running battle with dogs, especially with us having a cat and it was nice not to have to worry about irresponsible dog owners for a while. It was not until the evening that we had an inkling of why there were no dogs allowed here. As the evening sun set the yapping from the campsites next door neighbours began. We didn’t investigate too much but we suspect there is a dog kennel at the rear of the property. You can imagine the racket that would ensue if the site had allowed dogs; we would have got less sleep than we already did. But as this is the only campsite near Gibraltar, it seems it’s the only devil in town.

looking forward the rock of gibraltar
Looking Forward To The Rock of Gibraltar.

Outside the site there was a long esplanade heading into the outskirts of the town and plenty of parking along the broad roadway. It reminded me somewhat of Libya in some respects and goes back to my point of public bodies spending a lot of money on a project, only to not have the infrastructure around it to support it and then to let it deteriorate into a poor state of repair. Why? The beautiful paved paths and cycle lane running along the beach when on the other side of the road there was nothing but scrub and empty fields where there should have been shops and apartments and some semblance of life to complement. But no we had an almost new walkway with the planted bushes, overgrown and encroaching on the pathway itself, so you had to walk in the cycle lane instead. The bare round holes where once a small sapling or tree was planted only to be allowed to wither and die. The sand allowed to pile up along the small retaining walls, before spilling over both path and cycle lane so you had to walk in the deep sand or in the road. Cuttings of old palm trees dumped by the roadside and then a beautiful new piece of decking inviting you down to the sea with a billboard trumpeting how much this all cost the taxpayers of Europe to create. It seemed to be an embryonic project that was started by a government body and then dropped and forgotten. It was sad really, because as you walked along the esplanade the only thing that you wanted to catch your eye was the tall and imposing rock of Gibraltar in the distance. It was this rock that we had come to see and as we wandered back to the campsite after our shopping trip with our provisions in hand, we wondered what delights were to unfold as we explored this iconic rock the next day.

We did have photos of the promenade area to share with you, but due to the loss of my Camera in Gibraltar to next day we are unable to do so……

However if you would like to see more of the area, try this website where I managed to find a picture to share with you as I could not share one of our own.

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