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Well my second foray into a supermarket to buy some beer was not a fruitful as the first. However there were some regional products on offer, and this bottle condition Lambic beer. One of the issues I have had in the past with Lambic beer was the high alcohol content they usually come with, and the strange taste the yeast gives to the beer. The combination makes it for me, quite sickly. However this one was only 4.2% and so I thought I would have another go at this style of beer. A style that a number of people love, but I cannot seem to quite get to grips with. On first impression it’s got a reasonable carbonation with a light amber colour to it like a good English best bitter. Maybe also shows a hint of gold colouration as well. The smell, yes it has that Lambic smell to it that I recognise, and tartness on the nose. The first impressions on taste were very sweet flavour on the lips and front of the mouth, giving way to a tart and sour finish. In some ways it reminds me of the Chinese combination of sweet and sour, but in a beer. For my taste in beer, it was too sweet for me personally. But as a Lambic it was one of the more agreeable ones I have tried. I guess that I am never going to be overwhelmed by this style of beer but one must try something different every now and again, just to make sure something very drinkable is not passing your taste buds by.

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