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the only outside shot I found of this great little restaurant
The Only Outside Shot I Found of This Great Little Restaurant.

The part of town that we found ourselves in looked poor and unkempt, small houses huddled together for comfort. Some with clean white walls and a cared for exteriors, but most given into the depression around them. The only bright light in what was to us a sad little town was a small doorway into a local restaurant. Once we had taken our first step across the threshold and entered the premises, it was a different world from the one we had just left outside. It was filled to the rafters with people, families and couples, friends and business men alike, all around small crowded tables. If we didn’t know better we would describe it as pandemonium,

but it was just a local restaurant filled with local people.

There was a large crowd around the small bar area and it seemed people were waiting for vacant tables and to be seated. As people left and the tables were quickly cleared another set of number were shouted out by the waiter or waitress, another group of eager customers were hustled off to be sat and fed. We had managed to get two beers and with the first group called, realised you needed a ticket from the bar to keep your place in the queue of people waiting. Back to my cold beer sitting on a shelf in a small niche we had procured, I proudly held out our ticket number to Frances. We were number forty two and after only a twenty minute wait, our table was cleaned and ready. Whilst waiting we had seen massed plates of seafood emerging from the kitchen in a steady stream along with humongous bowls of tempting salad and big baskets of fresh bread. I could see Frances salivating at the thought of a serving of those prawns and I ogled some stuffed and battered squid or octopus being served as appetisers.

Sat at our table we ask for menus or the menu for the day only to be confronted by a waitress who had no menus or menu de dia, as she rolled off what they had on offer for that day. We caught ‘Gambas’ and said yes and we knew enough to ask for a bottle for red wine and some bread and salad. We hoped that in our stuttering Spanish that she understood to bring us a few plates that was going to be enough for two, but for her to chose or recommend some plates for us. We were not to be disappointed as a large bowl of glorious salad arrived along with warm bread from the oven, followed by Spanish tempura prawns. Not the one bite king prawns we normally get at home, but big meaty prawns that you would pay a fortune for in the UK. Along with this ample serving came fried fish in batter and small tempura style baby octopus for our consumption. I am surprised that we ate it all and I was even of the mind to have a small ice cream to finish off this wonderful lunch. It was telling that as we left this small oasis of activity, the other restaurants in the area around us were empty in comparison. Seems if you offer the right food at the right price, people will flock to eat at your establishment. At around €35 including wine it was not our cheapest meal, but it must rate as one of the best we have had in Spain so far.

We did have photos of the meal and Bar Salas to share with you, but due to the loss of my Camera in Gibraltar to next day we are unable to do so in the way we would like……

If anyone has a good photo of this great little restaurant, then please email me or leave a comment. I would love to put this gem on the map.

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